Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing Girl....

There is a girl that has gone missing not far from when i live now.. Its strange, i really did not know her. But she is in the same group of friends as me... And it breaks my hear to see she is missing. I feel silly, because i did not even know her... But its hard to see it happen only an hour away from where we live. And to have seen her around in Sandpoint... A girl i knew i high school went missing too, and found dead a few weeks latter. Just like this girl, i was not friends with her, but she was in the same group of people as me... There are people that go there whole lives without ever knowing anyone to have gone missing, and now i know (sort of) 2. It makes me so scared. It could happen to anyone... Its always a fear of mine... What if i did happen to me? Its not fair that women and even children have to be afraid... What kind of a world do we live in that we cant be walking by our selves anymore? It breaks my heart. I keep hoping that they find her... And that she is ok. Its a strange feeling to have for someone that i hardly even know.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My mind is always on one holiday. Halloween....

I cant stop thinking about Halloween!! Omg! Its still 3 months away, but i cant wait! Im going to look awesome lol. Im going to do what i can to go as Barbie this year. (Box included) I think im going to rock it.

Today Dustin and I went out for a long bike/skate board ride. We got ice cream, and i got to much:( He could not even finish it. Ugh i was so full. Got some sun riding up there, and back.

Took a nap. And I only slept for like an hour. As planned:) That was really exciting. I tend to sleep to much.

Now im waiting on Mike and Dustin to get done playing there game so we can go Down town to this street festival thing. Its suppose to be supper fun. Walk around, see whats up. I like getting out and doing things with Dustin. I cant wait to get a job! Im so bored. And i dont want to clean anymore:( All and all today has been full of fun. Im really hopping I can talk Dustin into going Roller Skating tomorrow. That would be SO fun:) Everything just seems so much better when Dustin is there. It makes me sad when i do things without him. But that is why i love his weekends. We are always trying to do a little something.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "Delete Button"

So i feel like a freak or something. I moved, and should not care what so ever what people think. But when it comes to deleting friends on my Facebook, I find it hard to go threw with it. And the worst part is, i know its stupid! But then i see all the stupid friends we have in common and i cant help but think "what if they find out i deleted them from my friends list?" What should it matter? Obviously I dont care enough about them to keep in touch with them, but i can take them off my friends list? What is wrong with me????!?!?!!!!!

But as for today, it was productive for once. I cleaned a good portion of the house. And organized stuff we have not unpacked. (Yay me) The one thing i am procrastinating on is the dreaded "Bathroom" I hate cleaning the bathroom. Ugh, its so nasty! I dont care about doing anything else in the house. But when it comes to the bathroom. YUCK!

Tomorrow i have to go to the collage, and tell them to unenrolle me:( Supper tragic. But next fall i will be able to really do it. This year because I just moved to Cali, they want to charge me $800 a class:( And that does not work for me. Im thinking about taking, a class to teach you to do taxes, so maybe i can get a job at H&R block or something for Tax season. Or i can just have the know how to do our own:)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just before 7pm....

Im making some dinner!! Ive decided to go on a burrito diet. Beans and rice cant be that bad for you. And almost anything can do in a flower tortilla! Lol. In moderation of course. And its cheep. Not working is really taking its told on me. I think im depressed... Or something. I just need to get out there and do stuff, but i have no want to do it:(

But if i start eating a little better that will help. And i need to get more into house work. Just like the good Al-anon saying goes "When i got busy, I got better" I always try to stay true to that.

But for now im going to do in my living room with my bean and cheese burrito and watch some tv. Im hopping something good is on. Maybe i will do a project or something. Ive got some time. Maybe I will ride my bike to the store and get the bottle of Vodka i have been thinking about.... Or not.. Who knows. Im really hopping to just watch six feet under with Mike, and smoke some hooka then go to bed and get up early tomorrow. I need to start waking up before 11... Its hard...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Over the last 6 months....

So its been 6 months, i guess a update is in order:)

My husband and I saved up lots of money, I worked 2 jobs, and we moved to California in June. What a great experience this has been! Im so thankful that things worked out for us. Over the last 2 months of living in Cali, I have been looking for a job, but nothing has come yet. Im hopping in the next month or so. I mentioned in an earlier blog that i was going to go to school. But California wants to charge me $800 just to sign up because im not a resident yet (boo). So it looks like im going to have to wait another year.

The trip to move hear was amazing. We drove from Sandpoint, To Seattle, then down threw Organ and California to our new home. Lots of scenery to be seen!

We have already made a trip to Reno to see my Step dad and Brother and Sister. And we just got home from Orange County. I love it down there. Too bad everything is so FAKE. Oh well:)

Things im loving:
The SUN! Its so warm hear. Over 100* everyday.
All the things we get to do. 
Getting to spend lots and LOTS of Time with Dustin un-till i find a job.

Things i dont like so much
The SUN! Its so warm hear. Over 100* everyday.
Not having a job. 
Being bored and no knowing anyone yet.

Things should pick up in that department soon i should hope. But for now im happy to say life is good:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 days off, now 5 days on...

Well today is the last day in my 5 days off. Now i work the next 5, the i get two days off then work 3 more:) Im excited! I need a few extra dollars:)

Moving Money! I cant wait to get our w-2's as well! I cant wait to file taxes. Were not going to be spending it.. But i like to see it haha. Keeping the dream alive, with more and more plans. Even though i cant help but plan and plan..... But not have any plans to show for it. All we have is....

1) Save money
2) Move to Cali
3) Go to Collage in the Fall

I feel like we should have more. I keep looking at places, and i keep looking at new cars, but with the time gap so far away, there is nothing we can really do.... But wait. I want time to go faster! Then when were moving... Im going to be so stressed! Lol. And im going to be like "This was a bad idea!" Its ok. Were excited. The only think im not looking forward too is that fact that Dustin might have to Move to Cali before me for a month of two! OMG!!! I dont know what im going to do without him for maybe up too, 2 months! I guess i will get this end taken care of. Were going to have to have a yard sale, and pack... And he is going to be in Cali.... :( i dont know how much i will like that.

Please give me the strength and patience to wait to move and be without Dustin... Maybe... I dont know! haha.

To be delegated latter:)

Monday, January 17, 2011

new plans

Today we found out that there is a Brand Spanking New WalMart Opening in the area that we want to live in, in California. The only dilemma, is that fact that its in March were not moving till May at the earliest. So now were thinking it might be in Dustins best intrest to move a little before me and start working and I will join him in a month or so after.... I dont know if we can do that!!!!! I would miss him so much! I dont know if i could go a month without him. Its making me sad just thinking about it:( But we have to do what we have to do to move... But a whole month! I will miss him so much!

yeah not much has been going on. Sitting on the couch for 2 days now. No work till Friday. Dustin is only working 4 days this week. Yay days together! Thats something to be happy about:)